Grasshopper Restaurant – Great Find

Grasshopper Restaurant – West Bend WI – 241 N Main St
Tables in Bar Area

Happened to be in West Bend on a Saturday and found myself downtown at lunch time. My husband and I wanted to take my Father-In-Law out for his birthday. He is new to town and never heard of this restaurant, but it looked nice from the outside and advertised “Slow Cooked Food – Breakfast and Lunch”. Sounds perfect.

They were pretty busy for 1:30 on a Saturday. We were warmly greeted from the nice bartender lady. We asked for a table for three and she directed (ok pointed) us to the dining room and said. “Please seat yourself, there is a table open in the dining room.” Once seated, we waited for a very long time and no menus. A table just left next to us and when the waitress came to clean it. We asked her for some menus. She was stunned, embarrassed and VERY apologetic that nobody had taken care of us. She told us that this wasn’t her section, but she was going to take of us. Well from that moment on everything went well.

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