Tasty European Bakery Treats

Clasen’s European Bakery – Middleton, WI – 7610 Donna Dr


I stopped by for some tasty treats for Christmas. (First time in the bakery) I spotted a package of almond windmill cookies. I hadn’t had them in years. My Dad, who passed away a few years ago and I used to love them. We would gently dunk them in super-hot coffee for a small snack.

I didn’t think much more about the package until I was preparing the cookie tray. I just happened to have a steaming cup of coffee. So, I thought I’ll have one. I took a bite (pre-dunk just to taste it) … Literally brought a tear to my eye. It took me right back to those quiet times sitting with my Dad. The flavor, texture and snap of the cookie was perfect. The top of the cookie was a pressed into a cute windmill. The bottom of the cookie exposed loads of super thin sliced almonds.

Thank you Clasen’s for making a truly wonderful holiday memory.

PS. The chocolate covered shortbreads where perfect. Just the right amount of chocolate vs shortbread.

The bakery is sizable. The bread looks amazing with what I guess was at least 10 choices the day I was there.

I will for sure be back to try more items.

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