1st Outdoor Dane County Farmers Market Today

Dane County Farmer’s Market – Madison, WI – “On the Square”

So excited… today was the great return of the Dane County Framers Market to capitol square!!!

Yes, Spring in Wisconsin = Chilly Mornings. A windy and brisk 35 degrees at 8am. Warming to 43 degrees about 11am. But hey, the sun was shining!

I was a happy girl nonetheless. Dressed in layers, hot cup of coffee in my awesome Contigo mug, market bag slug over one shoulder with plenty of reusable bags for all my goodies. I was READY!

Today’s purchases included: a bottle of deeply colored grade B maple syrup, a bundle of wintered carrots and a pint of beautiful hot house cherry tomatoes.

A morning at the market is never complete without stopping somewhere downtown for breakfast (brunch?) Since it was the first outdoor market we chose to go up scale. Heritage Tavern on Mifflin Street. This restaurant never fails to impress. Yes, yes. I should have taken pics, but who knew I would be inspired to blog today?

My husband enjoyed the lobster scramble (generous amounts of lobster, scallions and spinach topped with hollandaise), rosti potatoes and a croissant. I enjoyed the winter omelet (caramelized onion, bacon and brie topped with herbed hollandaise) with rosti potatoes and greens. Funny thing was that the menu said my omelette was supposed to have brussel sprouts. Not sure they made it to the omelette. It was so delicious, they were not missed.

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