Fun Place – Tasty Lobster Rolls

Geddy’s – Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, ME – 19 Main St

Lobster Roll (Hot Drawn Butter) and Regular Fries
Lobster Roll (Cold Mayo) and Sweet Potato Fries


Choice of hot with drawn butter or cold with mayo. Large pieces of lobster tucked into a large garlic toasted bun. Oder the sweet potato fries with the homemade cranberry ketchup. Normally I would suggest ranch dressing for sweet potato fries–but their homemade ketchup really works.

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Lobster Quesadilla

Side Street Café – Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, ME – 49 Rodick St


YUM! Thanks to the staff at the front desk of the Bar Harbor Inn for recommending this amazing spot.

Tucked away literally on a side street off of Main Street this is a gem of a place. They have outdoor seating when the weather cooperates and lots of tables indoors.

Lobster Highlander

One of the specials was called Lobster Highlander. A quesadilla filled with super fresh ingredients: large bite sized pieces of succulent lobster, ripe avocado and just enough cheese to make it “stick” together, but not too much to hide the lobster flavor. On the side a large dollop of sour cream and freshly diced homemade “salsa”. Tomatoes, onions, peppers, (red and green).

The wait staff is friendly, ok admittedly a bit slow. However, apologetic when they know they are. Here’s an example the waitress laughing said to us after she was running around, unable to stop at the table. “So sorry I ignored you and you had to wait so long to order drinks, what can I get you?” The delivery was so sincere and delivered in a such a manner that we laughed and it didn’t even bother us.

Let’s just say another trip to Bar Harbor will not be complete without a stop at the Side Street Café!

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