Banana Bread on a HOT summer day?

What do you do with over ripe bananas on a hot summer day? …. Make banana bread of course, but at this time of the year skip the oven.

Banana Quick Bread from Scratch

Why heat the kitchen by turning on the oven?  Break out the bread machine and toss together a yummy and delicious quick bread.

My recipe called for walnuts. Oops only had pecans. Decided to use them and you know what? They were just as tasty as walnuts.

Here’s another pointer. Read your bread machine’s instructions before plowing ahead.  I guessed correctly that the paddle did not have to be in. However I oopsed and didn’t line the pan with parchment paper.  (Scrap the pan, wash, line THEN pour the batter back in.)  … Nailed it. The bread was delicious.

Have you every made a quick bread in your bread machine? How did it turn out? Share your story by commenting on this post.


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