Speaking of Quick Breads…

What do you do with quick bread leftovers?


Yup I said french toast. I must admit I borrowed this idea from an awesome restaurant in San Francisco called Mama’s Café that a friend and I went to a few years back. Granted, they used a very tasty cranberry orange bread, but hey I figured any quick bread would do, and OH YUM was I right.

I’ve been making this for years, with all types of quick breads and breads. (banana, zucchini, blueberry, cinnamon swirl…basically any bread or quick bread that I have leftover)

You just swap out the “plain old bread slices” in your basic french toast recipe for slices of day old quick or specialty bread.

It’s a unique spin on your classic french toast and gives you have another great reason to make a large quick bread so you have enough.

Go a step further and top with vanilla mascarpone.

Another deliciously indulgent topping is Chantilly Cream.

Have you ever been to Mama’s Café or tried to experiment with French Toast?

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