Favorite Appliance This Year: My FoodSaver

FoodSaver – Vacuum Sealer

I’m slightly addicted to this appliance.  It might add a bit more “work” to grocery shopping, but its totally worth it.  The claim “Keep Food Fresh 5x Longer. Eliminate Waste & Save Money”.  Sounds almost too good to be true.

I enjoy a good sale so I happily buy in bulk even though most days I’m only cooking for two.  Meat is on sale? Buy the large package. Come home, divide it and seal it, label it, drop it the freezer.

I also like to buy butter in bulk (thank you Costco) then freeze it. My FoodSaver is one handy tool. In about 15 minutes or so I had all my sticks ready to drop in a ziplock and toss in the freezer to be defrosted (unopened) in the fridge as needed.

Blueberries went on sale (BOGO) I used the storage container for the second pint, sucked out the air with the little hose “contraption”. The berries last two whole weeks in the fridge (unopened). Once opened, they seemed as fresh as the day I bought them.

I have not tried marinating, nor fresh produce – other than the blueberries. Maybe someday, for now, its all about the freezing.