Warm Peach French Toast with Vanilla Mascarpone.

It’s a holiday, so the office is closed. Which makes this the perfect day to sleep in a little, then make a leisurely breakfast. You know the kind you reserve for a weekend when your not trying to run out the door.


Since the husband and I are both home we make the dish together. (Not going to lie – I really enjoy cooking together.)

First prep vanilla mascarpone.

Then I peal the extra ripe peaches and cut them into slices. Heat a pan, add a dollop of butter and some organic raw sugar. Heat until sugar melts and peaches are hot but do not fall apart.


Once the peaches are in the pan prep the french toast batter. A few eggs, a good amount of heavy whipping cream (I prefer this to milk) a sprinkle of organic raw sugar and few drops a vanilla extract.

Cut bread into thick slices. Today we are using artisan ciabatta bread. Dip in batter, cook until browned.

Plate, top with warm peaches, a few dollops of vanilla mascarpone and a bit of real maple syrup.

Warm Peach French Toast with Vanilla Mascarpone