Monday Morning Late Breakfast at Milk & Honey Nashville, TN

After I get a well deserved sleep in Monday. (I’m on vacation after all. The husband is already up dressed and taking care of work emails.) He and I take a short walk from the hotel to The Gulch area.

Today we are trying Milk & Honey and it does not disappoint. (Two out of two in The Gulch. Odds are improving on this trip.)


Shortly before 10am on a Monday the restaurant is busy. At the host station we are offered a choice; immediate seating at the counter (bar) or a short wait. We opt for the seats at the counter.

My view at the counter.

A cheery bartender greets us. Hands us two menus and asks if we would like drinks. Coffee, orange juice and two waters. (Hold the straws, more on that later).

The breakfast menu is expansive. After a few minutes we make a decision. I’ll try the chicken and waffles. Meanwhile, Steve goes with avocado toast. Both entrees have a side choice of fresh berries & pineapple or home fries. We both choose fruit.

Chicken & Waffles
Avocado Toast

The boneless chicken breast is crispy on the outside with just the right amount of seasoning and moist and tender on the inside. Exactly the way a good piece of fried chicken should be. The thick waffle is also done perfectly. A nice golden brown color without being overdone.

The avocado is plentiful and thinly sliced on top of a toasted piece of sourdough bread; that has been smeared with sun-dried tomato spread, caramelized onions, a generous layer of arugula, then two sunny side up eggs with a dash of salt and pepper to complete the “stack”.

Interior view from the counter.

The décor is very cute. There is even a seperate Craft Coffee and Juice Bar that serves craft coffee, specialty teas, cold press juices, shakes, smoothies, sweat treats and fresh homemade gelato.  A cooler for “grab & go” items and a small gift area, mainly Milk & Honey merchandise.

Oh almost forgot … straws.  Since we are a “save-the-planet” type of couple. We are fully onboard with the No-Straw-Movement. We have our own personal straws from a company called Final Straw.  We love them they are collapsible and come with their own little carrying case, we take them everywhere.