Food Truck’s Brick & Mortar Location: The Grilled Cheeserie, Nashville TN

The Grilled Cheeserie – 2003 Belcourt Avenue, (Hillsboro Village) Nashville, TN  37212

Logo Grilled Cheeserie v2


As you may have realized by now, if you have read a few of my travel reviews, I like to do some research on the places I visit.  … So when we were deciding on where to go for lunch on Monday, I stumbled upon a popular food truck called The Grilled Cheeserie. They have even been featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.


The food truck can normally be found at Nashville Public Market, but have a  brick & mortar location in a neighborhood called Hillsboro Village. Now you’ve probably guessed, they specialize in gourmet grilled cheese melts, but they also serve up tasty and nostalgic treats. With the main focus on seasonally inspired, responsibly sourced products. .. Yup, right up our alley.

We claim the rental car from the valet, type in the address in Google Maps and off we go. After a short 10 minutes and pleasant drive through town we arrive in what I can best would describe as “college downtown”.  The several block downtown is within walking distance from Belmont and Vanderbilt Universities.  This looks like a fun college hangout with cute retail boutiques and restaurants. Jackpot – anther fun area to explore!

We find parking at a paid lot near The Cheeserie. It’s an off-hour in late afternoon so the place is not overly crowded when we arrive, but the line started to form shortly after we sat down.

The menu lists 6 specialty melts and a section of build your own melts.  We decide on one of each: Turkey di Parma, Roast Beef Dip and one side of Tater Tots all to be shared. By this time we have come to realize that Nashville really has a thing for tater tots, they are featured on almost every menu we come across.

Turkey di Parma
Roast Beef Dip
Tater Tots were simple and crispy.  What made them special was the three homemade dipping sauces. Ketchup: “Made with natural cane sugar. No weird stuff.” Tot Sauce: Smokey, a bit spicy from a hint of horseradish.” Herby Mustard: “Zesty, herby with a touch of honey.”
If you want a quick bite, I recommend stopping here or maybe go find their food truck.