Jack Daniel Distillery & Downtown Lynchburg – Lynchburg TN

Jack Daniel’s Distillery280 Lynchburg Hwy, Lynchburg, TN

A tad overcast but still a perfect day for a road trip.   Lynchburg is only an hour and half from downtown Nashville.  What a great way to spend a day.


A few days prior to our trip we pre-book a 12:20pm dry county tour. As we failed to book early enough and had to settle for a non-tasting tour. Tasting tours seem to fill up fast for weekend tours, so if you know when you are going – book early!

Since we left Nashville in plenty of time we made it to Lynchburg with an hour or so to spare.  We scope out where we need to be then head a tad further down the road to the downtown square.  Yes, it really is a square. Four simple square blocks containing shops and a few restaurants. In the center of the square is the historic Moore County Courthouse (cica: late 1800 early 1900).  It’s Sunday and most stores do not open until 1pm there is plenty of parking.

Moore County Courthouse
Another angle of the courthouse.
Lynchburg Hardware & General Store.


We decide to park, walk the square and then walk the short distance to Jack Daniel Visitor Center.

Visitor Center
The man who started it all.

Upon arrival at the Visitors Center we check in for our tour.  The nice lady behind the counter tells us there is room at the 11:20am tour, in lieu of our 12:20pm reservation.  Yes please! Just enough time to wander around the center and read all the plaques and get a head start on the background info.

Shortly after 11am our tour is called.

We have a group picture taken and then individual “family/group” pictures. (Yes, if you guessed they are available for purchase afterwards) Load up on a bus and head up a hill to start the tour.

Anthony, our tour guide is very knowledge and friendly. We tour everything from start of process to bottling. The tour last 80 minutes.

The natural spring cave, water source for distillery. If you have every had JD t
Anthony the tour guide with a statue of Jack Daniel.
Actual office of Jack Daniel.
Where the tour ends. At the store where you can purchase JD of all types and sizes.

The tour was very interesting and informative. Highly recommend for a day in the “country”.