Sunday Morning Breakfast at Biscuit Love – The Gulch, Nashville TN

Biscuit Love – The Gulch, 316 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203


Today is “Road Tripp’n Day”, but first breakfast.

While doing my pre-trip research I found a place called Biscuit Love.  Previously an airstream food truck, turned into three brick-and-mortar locations.  They open early for breakfast and stay open through late lunch.  Specializing in made from scratch biscuits of course. Their creations are homemade and use locally sourced ingredients. … Perfect!

We arrive shortly before 8am. The line is not too long approximately six people ahead. Which works out just fine as it gives us a little time to peruse the menu and check out the cute items for sale as we do a little wind from door to the counter. This is the type of place that you order, pay, get a number then find a table, counter space or an outside table in the back courtyard.  Since mother nature is threatening a bit of rain today we choose a table indoors.

My breakfast is called Lily. Buttermilk biscuit french toast, lemon mascarpone, blueberry compote with house syrup. ($10)

“Lily” – Buttermilk Biscuit French Toast

Who knew you could make french toast out of buttermilk biscuits? Ok, maybe you all in the south, but since I’m from Wisconsin this is new to me.

Take freshly made-from-scratch buttermilk biscuits, quickly dredged in egg batter (just enough to get the outside “wet” but not enough to make the inside soggy). A nice “toast” to cook and brown the outside.  Spoon on blueberry compote and (warm?) syrup. OK, going to admit that part was a tad odd. The kitchen poured on the syrup. I’m used to doing that part myself.  However, upon reflection, I think I know why.:  between the kitchen and the table it had just enough time to give the biscuits a little “soak”.  Dollop on the lemon mascarpone and voilà “The Lily”.

Steve decides on an egg dish called a French Omelette. Described on the menu as a two egg omelette filled with boursin cheese, topped with sautéed mushrooms and onions with a side of arugula salad tossed in champagne vinaigrette.  Drink of choice: fresh squeezed orange juice.

French Omellette

It seemed that the eggs were beaten and cooked with a gentle hand as the omelette was light and fluffy. The boursin was creamy and folded nicely into the middle.  I’m guessing that the mushrooms & onions took a bit of a slide on the way to the table, as all but one remained on top when delivered. The arugula was tossed in just enough champagne vinaigrette to coat.  The dish did need a bit more salt & pepper which grinders were available at the table.

Shout out to the cashier and waitstaff, all the staff we encountered were friendly and helpful.  The girl that cleared our plates even brought me a free “refill-coffee-to-go”.


For a made from scratch, locally sourced breakfast head to Biscuit Love.  Don’t let the line out the door deter you.  It would be worth the wait.  Like I mentioned early on we arrived when the line was fairly short. Upon leaving the line was out the door.  You know you have a winner when people are willing to wait.